CECO TC60 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

  • • FAR BEYOND THE POWER & BEAM SPREAD OF OTHER TAIL LIGHTS – This powerful 60 lumen USB rechargeable chip-on-board (COB) LED with optically optimized design amplifies extraordinary side visibility and beam distance. Ultra slim low profile design easily conforms to your bicycle.

  • • DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT TECHNOLOGY – Get noticed day & night with 4 highly visible unique flashing modes optimized to be seen in high city traffic and open country roads, 2 steady output modes for high brightness anytime, and a group-friendly low output during group rides.

  • • EXTRA TOUGH & DURABLE – This pro grade light is certified IP67 waterproof and FL-1 drop impact resistant so you can ride with confidence through heavy rain storms, rough terrain, and endure accidental drops year after year.

  • • THE AMERICAN STANDARD – Developed by a team of American industrial designers and engineers in order to give you stylish high quality bicycle lights that are competitively priced. This feature-packed tail light is easy to use as a bicycle tail light, rear helmet light, and much more.

  • • CHIP-ON-BOARD (COB) LED TECHNOLOGY – COB LED is a new technology which multiple LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. Unlike ordinary LED tail lights, COB LED equipped tail lights give a much wider spread to be seen from the back and wider side angle.

CECO TC60 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light
This super bright 60 lumen rechargeable tail light is the benchmark and aspiration of other lights. Its 60 lumen output is far brighter and wider reaching than most tail lights. Every TC60 is manufactured and quality tested to ensure maximum brightness when you need it most on the road. While many lights from overseas exaggerate lumen output and aren't even close in output or quality, CECO’s output is exactly what hits the road and is much brighter and higher in quality.

4 Flashing Modes and 2 Steady Modes
Use the Flashing Modes to blast high visibility flashes to be seen more noticeably by car drivers. These unique modes are designed for both day and night use.

Use the Steady Modes for constant light output. The High Steady Beam is for when riding solo, and the Group Ride mode is for group-friendly low output when riding with others and for prolonged battery life.

Most people associate lights with night only, but the CECO TC60 really stands out during the day. The extraordinary 60 lumen flashing modes are specifically designed with timed bursts to quickly attract attention and let car drivers know you're around.

Whenever the battery is low, the light will quickly flash when turned on and turned off to indicate about 10% battery life remaining.

Save your time and money from disposable batteries. This light conveniently recharges from any USB port such as a computer, power bank, or wall outlet adapter, saving you money and the environment from disposable batteries year after year.

When charging, the light flashes indicating it is in charging mode and then turns solid when the battery is full.

4x Flash (22hr) - 1x Flash (11hr) - Rapid Zap (9hr) - Pulsing (6hr) - Group Ride (90hr) - High Steady Beam (1:45hr)

Fortified by a heavy-duty design and premium grade materials, this light is built for rigorous outdoor use. Both IP67 waterproof and FL-1 impact resistant certified, this light endures heavy rain storms, dust, rough terrain, accidental drops, and much more.

This stealthy-looking tail light easily conforms to the bicycle using a heavy duty flexible mount that fits to many types of seatposts including aero seatposts, seatstays, and helmets.

Get more for your money from a smart and compact design with many versatile features. This feature-packed tail light is easy to use as a bicycle tail light, rear helmet light, and much more.

CECO TC60 USB rechargeable bicycle tail light, seatpost mount strap, micro USB cable for charging, user instructions.

Warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase. See Support section of website for details.