CECO USA F2000 USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light

  • • FL-1 CERTIFIED 2,000 LUMEN headlight shines a powerful beam far and wide over roads and trails. This pocket sized light is certified IP67 waterproof and FL-1 impact resistant. F2000's regulated circuitry keeps the brightness constant to see well throughout the battery charge, while many other lights lose up to 50% of claimed brightness within 5 minutes.

  • • EXCELLENT BATTERY LIFE – Extremely durable and long lasting, the F2000 is built with premium lithium-ion batteries that offer a battery run time range of 1:15 to 55 hours and is always ready for your bicycling adventures. This is the ideal light if you're looking for consistent high output brightness throughout its long lasting battery charge.

  • • VERSATILE NIGHT & DAY MODES - 5 Night modes cover any speed and terrain, 3 unique Flashing Day modes make you stand out in high city traffic and open country roads, 1 Walking Flashlight mode for handy use. WHEN BATTERY IS LOW THE LIGHT FLASHES EVERY 25 SECONDS indicating 10 to 20 minutes of runtime left

  • • SPECIAL LOCKING MODE – The light flashes when pressing the power button to indicate Lock Mode is ON and to protect your light from unintentionally powering ON during storage or transit. To unlock, press the power button for 6 seconds then release the power button when the light turns from flashing to solid.

  • • SECURE AND EASY MOUNTING – Strong and secure Zytel hard plastic material based mount attaches fast and easily on handlebars up to 32mm diameter. It swivels left and right to aim the light where needed and uses a quick release function to separate the light from the mount for use as a flashlight or when not in use.

  • • THE AMERICAN STANDARD – Developed by a team of American industrial designers and engineers in order to give you stylish high quality bicycle lights that are competitively priced and durably built. This small but powerful multi-purpose headlight works as your bike light, flashlight, camping light, and much more. Weighs only 238 grams with mount.

This super bright 2,000 lumen light is the benchmark and aspiration of other lights. Its powerful 2,000 lumen output is certified using Labsphere's NASA-grade integrating sphere to ensure true brightness. State-of-the-art Electronically Regulated Circuitry keeps the headlight brightness high & constant throughout the battery charge.

F2000 is the ideal bicycle light with a long lasting battery life and extraordinary brightness to give you the peace of mind and power unseen on other lights.

Night Modes:
- High (1:15 hr)
- Medium High (2:30 hr)
- Medium (4:30 hr)
- Low (7 hr)
- Night Pulsing (5 hr)

Flashing Day Modes:
- 4x Flash (55 hr)
- 1x Flash (26 hr)
- Rapid Zap (14 hr)

Walking Flashlight Mode (55 hr)

Multiple Night Modes provide clear steady brightness, ranging from full blast for high speeds or lower settings for long leisure rides.

Night Pulsing combines a steady beam and a flashing beam into one. The steady beam lets you see the dark road ahead while interlaced flashes grab the attention of drivers.

Daytime is the highest traffic and most distracting time to be on the road, which is why Daytime Running Light technology is incorporated into this headlight. Its flashing modes are specifically timed bursts to grab the attention of car drivers.

Conveniently recharge from any USB port adapter.

CECO USA F2000 USB rechargeable bicycle light, handlebar mount, micro USB cable for charging, user instructions.

Warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase. See Support section of website for details.