About Us

Looking to serve the market with high quality and competitively priced products in the era of ecommerce, senior partners in the manufacturing industry started California Equipment Company, also known as CECO. The development of operations and products was taken on with a team of industrial designers and engineers in order to provide consumers with stylish high quality products at competitive prices. CECO is an American based and owned company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make incredible outdoor recreational products affordable for everyone. We built our business model for the ecommerce era to ensure you get the highest quality at the best value. By streamlining the traditional supply chain model, we offer you the latest in technology at a quicker speed and a fraction of traditional costs.

Our Vision

Behind the scene of all items sold is a complicated supply chain system that results in added cost that gets passed on to you, the consumer. We're here to change that. By offering our products, we've developed a more direct system that delivers products at a better value to you. With each CECO customer, together we can enjoy the great outdoors.

After-sale Support

Just because we pass on savings to you doesn't mean you're left without proper support. If you have questions or concerns about your product, you can contact us for help at